The Purposeful Universe?

September 8, 2017

Does the Universe Accept A Purpose? It has been appropriate by theists that if the Universe has a purpose abaft it all again there is, absolutely accept to be, a God. If the Universe does not accept a purpose again there is no God. Able-bodied maybe, or maybe not. It’s time for a afterpiece look.

Well firstly if the Universe has a purpose it doesn’t of call beggarly that God done it. There are bags of deities that bodies accept believed in and admirable that ability accept done it. The Flying Spaghetti Monster ability accept done it. Pixies ability accept done it. A bitter flesh-and-blood computer / software programmer ability accept done it if our life, our Universe, and our aggregate is but a simulation.

In any event, if theists say that the Universe has a purpose, they of advance beggarly that the purpose of the Universe is to spawn the animal species, or even just God’s called people. Back this is acutely the position of True Believers, I advance that this declared “purpose” isn’t the chat of God but rather the chat of bodies – self-centered, arrogant bodies who accept that the absolute Universe was created by God alone to aftermath animal civilization; animal beings who will again accept a accord with their creator. IMHO it’s all absurdity no amount how balmy and down-covered that acceptance ability accomplish you feel.

Purpose wasn’t to actualize the elements back some are appealing abortive (the apathetic gases) or radioactively adulteration abroad or aren’t even by itself occurring (only abide due to animal experiments).

The purpose wasn’t galaxies, stars or solar systems.

Galaxies are just collections of stars (and interstellar dust) and some galaxies are ultra-energetic (unsuited to life) and some galaxies are in blow with added galaxies and appropriately don’t assume to accept a abundant accord of absolute purpose. Stars can abide apart of getting housed in a galaxy so galaxies lose some relevance. Stars could accept a purpose – let there be ablaze – and in accession accord a abiding accumulation for planets to apogee and to accommodate activity to acquiesce and abutment activity on some of those planets at least. But again too, some stars (maybe with planets and maybe with life) burp (go nova) and even backfire (go supernova) and in any accident no brilliant is abiding and go through an evolutionary action that eventually isn’t bio-friendly.

Maybe the ultimate purpose was to actualize Black Holes alone they too eventually adulteration abroad (Hawking radiation) and in any accident Black Holes don’t assume to serve any absolute absolute purpose but can do some absolute mischief. Maybe Black Holes were advised to accept a abrogating purpose.

Planets are mainly uninhabitable (judging from our own solar system). Apart from that, in our own solar system,Jupiter (and maybe Saturn) are admired to earthbound activity and ultimately us, by deflecting and arresting comets, crimson asteroids and added ‘minor’ bits that could clean out earthbound activity forms (including us). Alas, there was the one that got away, the one that non-avian dinosaurs begin out about to their cost.

Purpose couldn’t accept been activity back over 90% of earthbound activity forms accept gone busted – the way of the Dodo. Purpose couldn’t be the change of bodies back any one of a dozen accustomed contest could clean us out, bold we don’t do ourselves in first. In any event, for a lot of activity forms, activity is short, awful and brutish. Further, it appears that 99.9999% of the Universe is absolutely unfit for life, at atomic activity as we apperceive it.

Further, you are built-in animal but you are aswell built-in after any absolute purpose. You ultimately accomplish your own purpose(s) throughout your life, admitting not usually in abreast but usually with ascribe from parents, family, neighbours, teachers, plan colleagues, added ascendancy figures, and sometimes even from the religious clergy. However, as a generalisation, bodies do NOT like anyone arty their will, their purpose on us, so if God gives you purpose, able-bodied that’s affiliated to a dictatorship. You should be captain of your own address and actualize your own purpose(s).

Conclusion: Life, the Universe and just aggregate just is. Bodies just are, but bodies do accept a purpose both almost collectively and of advance individually. Bodies conceive, appraise and backpack out their self-assigned purpose, by bodies and for bodies (and non-humans as able-bodied as added things to that are aural the animal sphere). Bodies accredit their own purpose(s) – no deities required.

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